Here's an update on one of the projects I've been working on lately outside of my day job. I built a website/digital exhibit for a new podcast called Transcripts, which uses oral histories from the Trans Oral History Project out of the University of Minnesota to tell stories about trans politics.

Transcripts site header

The site is intended to serve as an educational resource for students or anyone who is interested in learning more about trans politics after listening to the first episode. We pulled in extended interview clips, external readings, and contextualization around the issues that trans people of color face in the U.S. The podcast itself is an excellent listen, so please do and consider donating to the project.

I worked with the core team to identify some key themes from the episode and build out some supporting educational resources around these themes (mutual aid, trans visibilty, and structual inequality). I then designed a WordPress theme for the site and got to work pulling all of the content together. I had worked in WordPress before, but usually modifying existing themes, so it was a fun experience to dig deeper into PHP and start the design process from scratch.

We wanted the site to be open enough that people could explore however they'd like and leave room to expand and restructure as more episodes roll out in the coming months. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I'm happy with the design.


What do you think?

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