Well, 2020 is coming to an end and what a year it's been. I've been very blessed this year - everyone in my family stayed healthy and employed, but it's still been a sad and hard 12 months.

I want to take a moment for some year end reflections and a few hopes and goals for the coming 12 months.

What I'm grateful for:

  • time - for watching a lot of television, learning new things, cooking, taking walks, playing video games, creating music
  • connection with friends and family, pets
  • health - even though Sarah has been working in two clinical settings, as far as we know, we've stayed COVID-free all year!
  • zero commute - wow I love working from home. I miss seeing human beings in person but, that 1 minute commute from the kitchen to my home office is a dream come true
  • the library - I've read so many books this year and I've even taken Switch games out of the library (amazing)
  • new toys - a smoker, a synthesizer, a Nintendo Switch, recording equipment

Here are some pictures from this year: a pastrami I made from scratch

Chicken (the cat)

Our friends, from far apart, standing in their parking lot in masks

Fried clams!

My mom on her deck on Mother's day

Sarah and me on the beach for her birthday

My dog, Reed, playing Animal Crossing New Horizons

Me and Joe on my island as ACNH characters

Some goals for next year:

  • Spend $0 on Amazon
  • Spend $0 on any meal delivery services - only direct delivery from a restaurant or go to pick it up myself!
  • Read a bunch of books - but no pressure on how many
  • Spend way less time on social media
  • Create more music
  • Create another video game
  • Cultivate more habits of stillness and gratitude
  • Make bacon in my smoker
  • Hike something very tall

Can't wait to read everyone else's year-end lists!


What do you think?