Since July 2019, I've been working with a group of folks across the country to build four interactive case studies on effective chaplaincy education through the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab's Educating Effective Chaplains initiative. I'm proud to share that the interactive case studies are now live!

screenshot of each case study

These case study lessons are intended for chaplains across educational settings: from seminaries to CPEs. They help chaplains gain core competencies that they will use in their work.

As part of my work on this project, I designed learning objectives, storyboards, scripts, animations, branching exercises, and assessment questions. I also developed a web application that runs the lessons - as one of this group's goal was that they did not want the lessons stuck in any learning management system.

The lessons were built with React and Redux and they are hosted on Netlify. All of the data lives on the client to avoid heavy API calls. I built everything from "scratch" (using libraries and frameworks, of course), and ended up with a pretty large content delivery system. It took a lot of iteration and refinining, but it was a really fun process. I'd love to take on another job like this in the future.

This project was a true partnership between web development and learning design - and it was a lot of fun to work with my collaborators, especially Liz Aeschlimann, who was the lead project manager and editor.


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