Over the past few months, my colleague and I have been working on building up a library of resources and production services for teaching faculty at our institution. We've created a handful of short YouTube videos about things like creating StoryMaps, effective slide design, and how to use a SnapCamera gesture filter for Zoom seminars.

We're trying to model the types of videos we're encouraging instructors to create during the COVID-era of work from home: quick, digestible, and lightly edited.

I just finished a video that I'm especially excited about on using games in higher education. In this video, I explore how instructors can create games or assign game creation projects to help students engage in scenario-based learning. I highlight four indie games to show how instructors can use free online tools to get started in game design. Watch the full video (~10 mins) and check out the rest of our YouTube channel!

Lars' videowatch on YouTube


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