I read a great Tweet a few months ago that I can't stop thinking about.

Want to get better at design? Start building an inspiration library today

My wife is very good at collecting design inspiration already. She's an all around creative person: quilting, painting, knitting, baking. She takes pictures of beautiful things wherever we go. I'm trying to follow her lead and start my own inspiration collection.

As I've been searching for my own insipiration for web design lately, I started scrolling through the camera roll on my phone. No surprise that most of my most beloved pictures feature food and drinks. Here are some of my favorites from the past three months:

This ginger seltzer tastes just as good as it looks.

Also featuring my beloved Fenway Park glass, on top of a hand-sewn coaster made by Sarah 365 Brand Ginger Seltzer

A dream of a machine: combination tape player/recorder, portable TV, and am/fm radio

One day, I will have a whole garage full of old electronics. boombox with tv

A real treat: a tiny cortado cup from Intelligensia Coffee Bar in Watertown

I love the line work on this cup. Its size makes it feel like something very special. a tiny coffee cup against a bright blue wall

The sight of a great breakfast

I bought this mug at a yard sale benefitting a cat ranch in Austin, TX. I love a cat in a pajamas dreaming of goldfish (also see my fish in the background). Also: oozing cheese! an egg sandwich in the foreground, a coffee cup with a cat in the background

Aah Real Monsters?

I am pretty sure I bought this beer just for the can, but I also wasn't disappointed. Slush beer cans

That's all for now. What would be in your design inspiration library?


What do you think?

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