The very few viewers of my professional website might notice a change here. Ever since I learned how to create web applications, I've experimented with different ways to showcase my...self. Which is always a weird concept to me. I'm not a very showy person. But, I love playing with different colors, layouts, and styles and I wanted to have some place on the internet to do this while also helping me in my job search last year.

My last website was a simple landing page built with React. In an early iteration, I had set up a full server and database, way more than I needed to push out the information I wanted to share. I was pulling all of my portfolio projects and my bio from a database and every time I changed my mind about whether or not to show a certain project, I dug through my work to make structural changes. I wasn't thinking about changing anything - I do love working in React - until I took a Learn Eleventy from Scratch course where I essentially built this site after doing the tutorial. I really like the simplicity of working with Eleventy some of its powerful features (like collections, tags, and pagination).

Besides Eleventy being an awesome static-site generator, this redesign pushed me to do something I have previously resisted: creating a blog.

Maybe it's COVID and the quarantine, but I've been thinking...maybe I like blogging. I used to love writing in my xanga. I'm hoping to share updates on projects I'm working on here - for work and for fun. I often forget to keep track of what I'm doing, which is a shame because I love looking back on my progress towards certain goals. Anyway, if you're out there, hello! Thanks for reading.


What do you think?

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